Code of Conduct

In effect: April 15, 2007
Last update: October 8, 2022


The Code of Conduct below is subject to changes, it is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date and check it often. However, every time this document change we will publish a public note on our website, forums and Discord.

By downloading our launcher and logging into our server or any community channel (such as Discord or forums), you agree to the Code of Conduct for Multima. If you fail to follow our rules, an administrator or moderator may immediately terminate your account(s).

The management team have the discretion to start an investigation for any suspicious behaviour that could break our rules. If you are considered involved, you must cooperate with the staff and assist them. If you fail to do so this result in disciplinary action.

The staff will not replace any lost characters, accounts, items or any game-related stuff unless is caused by a game issue or bug. In the event of compensable loss, the staff will attempt to find a solution with the most reasonable replacement and proceed to investigate and fix the bug.

The Code of Conduct applies to anyone using your account and your email address is related to it, this means that you are fully responsible for the consequences (including the termination of your account). Remember to never share your account or password and keep in mind that the staff will never ask you for your password.


Every player must have an email address linked to the account, it will help you in case of password loss. Find out more in Account Activation.


  1. Each player is allowed to 2 accounts with 3 characters per account, per IP or household.
  2. Account sharing is not allowed.
  3. One player is allowed to use a maximum of 2 accounts, if an administrator or moderator found you to be linked to more than 2 accounts all your accounts will be suspended with immediate effect for further investigation and if you will be considered guilty all accounts will be removed.
  4. Multi-account is not allowed, you can request IP unlock in case you are sharing your house with someone else. Find out how.

Characters’ names

  1. You must choose unoffensive, non-sexual and non-obscene character names.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to write sentences or assign names to one character that can be referred to members of the administration of Multima, names that can create a provocation, that has civic or religious refer.
  3. It is extremely forbidden to choose names that refer, directly or indirectly to serial killers or people convicted for crimes against humanity after the year 1899 AD.


  1. Our Real Estate program allows players to have an unlimited number of houses, you can buy houses in any area of the map. However, is not allowed to own more than one house in a safe area such as Florencia or Veritas, including the second account. If you are found to own more than one house in a safe area you will be permanently banned.
  2. You can decorate your house’s exterior with plants, trees or furniture so that this does not hinder the passage of other players. The tolerance for exterior decorations is 2 tiles around the house.


Use bad language and/or phrases containing: blasphemies, insults, racism, offences with religious nature, incitement to violence, invitation to hatred, incitement to suicide, offences to public office, politicians or forces of order is not allowed. This results in a permanent ban.


Advertise other servers within Multima network in order to damage Multima itself in Discord or any other communication platform present on our network is strictly not allowed. This will result in disciplinary action.