Goodbye UO Desktop. Hello CUO Web.

Dear players,
we are pleased to inform you that your tests regarding Multima Web version have been passed successfully and we would like to do an official announcement regarding our Desktop version.

Multima Golden Age desktop version has been officially discontinued today and it will be no longer available for download or play anymore.

Hello ClassicUO Web

Multima will be played only on web-based, all you need is Google Chrome (0.99+)

What this means

  • You don’t need to download any files anymore;
  • You don’t have to setup anything or manage files;
  • No installation needed anymore, you will download all needed files inside your browser and ready-to-play in minutes;
  • Play wherever you are in any DesktopOS supporting Chrome such as: Windows, Linux or MacOS;
  • Everyone will have the same experience as external software will be no longer accepted from the server;

Stay tuned, Alpha Opening coming soon.

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