Patch Note – 10th January 2023

Heya Players!

I know you waited so long for this Patch and finally, we got it, it is now live and available to our players to test. If you are new to Multima you need to know that we are currently in a Testing phase accessible to a limited number of players.

New and custom Skillclass

Due to your reports, we found out that the default Skillclass system was not compatible with our customizations, so we have made a new and more precise skillclass to manage better our gameplay and make it even more customizable and stable.

With this change we were able to accelerate the introduction of four new classes which are:

  1. Bard
  2. Cleric
  3. Hunter
  4. Assassin

You can start macroing the skills and as soon as we check that everything is working smooth we will start to introduce the Abilities Books for each class to test the Special Attack.

Class: Bard

The Bard is a class that controls monsters around the world and dungeons, he is capable to calm down the monsters which stop attacking you or your friends and you can attack them without risk. Each category of monster has different Bardic resistance, so is not always easy to calm down or provoke them, you need to study the monster first and then decide with which special attack to proceed.

Class: Cleric

The Cleric is a heavy-weapon character that is able to cast lower circle spells that helps him during the PvP or PvM. Is a Class that helps friends by giving special energy spells to buff them. Use Macefighting and Chainmail/Studded armors.

Class: Hunter

The King of the Creatures. He is able to controls creatures around the world and make Experience with them in order to increase their power for PvM or PvP purposes. Is an Ranged-Weapon class.

Class: Assassin

If well-used, one of the worst Classes you can meet in your journey, they are capable to forgery items to resell them, place traps around you, steal from you during PvP or while you’re around them. They are the only ones that, once hidden with stealth, can refresh the Stealth Steps every 15 seconds. So they can walk hidden like Ninja for an unlimited amount of time! Of course, they can be revealed by Detecting Hidden and Spells. They CANNOT be tracked while hidden. Step stealth is (DEX/10) but this will change.

New Skill: Trapping

This skill is exclusive to the Assassin class and will increase the chance to generate traps around the victim with more accuracy and success rate.

Skill revisited: Stealing

  • Is not possible to steal items that are equipped.
  • Is not possible to steal entire containers.
  • Is not possible to steal blessed items.
  • Stealing chance depends on the value of the item.
  • Stealing chance depends also on the amount of the items (gold coin for example).
  • Chance to get revealed while snooping: 0.00%
  • Chance to get criminal while snooping: 10.00%
  • Chance to get revealed on a Successful Steal: 20.00%
  • Chance to get criminal on a Successful Steal: 10.00%
  • Chance to get revealed on a Failed Steal: 10.00%
  • Chance to get criminal on a Failed Steal: 5.00%

Housing System

Buy or rent a house. If you buy a house you can rent it and you can make your own Real-Estate empire. Taxes and Bills depend on the County in which the house is located.


Start studying the stars and find new materials!
Astronomy is one of the most difficult skills to raise, but with a good reason. You can find meteor rocks with an Healthbar on top, it means you need to destroy them (you can use any weapon) to have a chance to get new materials. As soon you get a new material you need to check from which planet it comes from in order to register it in the Multima Scientist Register. Once you have discovered the new material, you will be the official discoverer and your name will be placed in the Register forever. These new materials allows Blacksmithers/Bowcrafters/Alchemists/Carpenters etc. to create items with special options.

Astronomy can be increased and used only when is nighttime.

Ship Battles

Create your own crew and manage battles in the Multima Seas, you can find Ghost’s Ships that you need to destroy (Yes, the ships can sink!) but be careful, even your Ship can Sink if you don’t repair it. Once your ship is damaged, too much, after 10 minutes will starts to take on water, so you need to use buckets to put the water out and at the same time repair the leaks.


Plant your seeds and get:

  • Trees;
  • Vegetables;
  • Reagents;

With a good Farming and Cooking skill you can get Reagents with bonus and fruits with bonus. Vegetables helps Hunters to better teach and train the creatures!

Changelogs & Fixes

  • Archery now starts firing instantly after stops.
  • Archers/Hunters have a one-shot arrow after starting the run.
  • Magery doesn’t fail anymore if running.
  • Item damages reduced and balanced.
  • Monsters AI improved.

Stay tuned… much more is coming.

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