Patch Note – 11th December 2022

Heya Game Testers!

First of all I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that are helping us in this development and testing phase which is crucial for our development schedule.

Secondly, please, find below the details regarding the Patch added today which allow you to continue testing and try our new features.

Trade Skills – Crafting Menus

  • Alchemy [Stable]
  • Bowcraft [Stable]
  • Blacksmithing [Stable]
  • Carpentry [Stable]

Lumberjacking has been revisited and new logs can be found by chopping trees:

  • Logs
  • Ash Logs
  • Oak Logs
  • Heartwood Logs
  • Bloodwood Logs
  • Forstwood Logs

With each logs, you can create a Bow with the quality of the same logs. Every bow has different damage, range, speed and color.

SkillGain fixes
Is now possible to increase Resisting Spells and Mysticism, you can increase Ress Spell by receiving attack-spell on yourself and Mysticism by casting spells.

Retail Shelf
Sell your items in the Retail Shelf, is live and working, please do a page to require a Deed.

Mage Casting (For test purposes, not confirmed as default behaviour)
The mage will fail while running, in order to cast a spell successfully you need to stop yourself at the moment of the cast, there is no precast. If you walk slowly you still have the standard success rate.

Now is it possible to craft every armor, just Platemail at the moment to test them, durability and physical defense already set up.


  • Proficiency & Combo Attacks (PvM Only)
  • Special Attack (PvP Only)
  • Astronomy (Trade Skills)
  • Chaos Machine (Recipes to get Combo Items very rare)
  • 3 New Dungeons
  • Pets Training Path (Hunter, pet training with maze and paths)

Stay tuned!.

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